This is a collection of my favorite tools for Social Selling and why.

Hootsuite: Obviously I’m quite biased here but I do use the tool every day for social selling. With great listening capabilities through boolean searches and integrations with a number of content and CRM tools it really makes life easy.

Riffle: This tool allows you to get some high level insights into a person’s twitter account activity (i.e. top hashtags, activity breakdown, which tool they use, other social accounts linked to the twitter handle, and more).

Conspire: This is a new tool and allows you to see how you are connected with someone else by checking your e-mails and seeing who you actually interact with. It helps solve the problem of filtering through Linkedin connections for people you actually know.

Rapportive: A great tool everyone should have plugged in to Gmail. Hovering over someone’s e-mail will reveal their Linkedin profile as well as any other associated social accounts.

Discoverly: A similar app to Rapportive. Ever since being acquired by Linkedin, Rapportive has removed some functionality that Discoverly helps bring back.



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